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Christ Church Lettuce Leaf Dinner

Another fun Christ Church tradition involving food and friends! This year my friends and I attended the Lettuce Leaf Formal, the vegetarian companion to the T-Bone Formal. This was a fancy Formal Hall in Christ Church, with the option to dress up a little if you felt like it, where a really good vegetarian meal was served, with vegan and dietary options available. The starter was so, so good - so good - although unfortunately I forgot to get a picture! It was like this wonderful meeting of aubergine, cheese and tomato - far better tasting (and looking!) than I'm describing it here! The main was also pretty good, and the dessert was this incredibly rich chocolate mousse-type thing, which, after all the food so far, some people didn't quite manage to finish! Again, this Formal Hall provided an opportunity to get a little bit dressed up, a little bit excited, and have a really good evening with my friends, all without leaving college, and all for around £8!

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