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Summer at Christ Church

THE MASTERS GARDEN Christ Church may not have extensive gardens like LMH (they have stunning gardens) but we do have our our Masters Garden, which is a part of Christ Church which tourists cannot access and so is entirely private just for us students. The Masters Garden is only open in the Summer months and so is used for playing croquet, as well as sunbathing, studying outside, and just spending time with friends. At the start of this term we had a massive heatwave and so all of my friends and I revised for our Collections (progress-check exams) in the Masters Garden - since then we’ve spent time doing our reading each week and having picnics there, including a really special surprise birthday picnic for one of my friends, where her family came down without her knowing, as well as friends from other colleges! We’ve also had outdoor JCR Committee meetings there with ice cream included. And, as there are so many beautiful flowers in the Masters Garden, we had a photo shoot out there before Guest Dinner and got some gorgeous pictures! SWIMMING IN CHRIST CHURCH MEADOWS Towards the end of term my friends and I also went to Christ Church Meadows, which is right next to college, to read, have picnics and swim in the river - this was after our exams, so there was no more studying! The river was cold but you soon got used to it! We also went punting for the first time, and at first kept crashing into trees and the bank, but after an hour or so began to eat into the swing of it - although apparently in Oxford and Cambridge you’re supposed to punt from different ends of the boat, and we weren’t sure which one Oxford students should do!

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