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Wahoo for itsu!

Yes, that's right wahoo for a new itsu!

I'm delighted that a brand new itsu store has opened in the Westgate Centre, offering a unique ‘eat beautiful’ menu, celebrating highly nutritious Asian-inspired flavours, whilst remaining low in calories and saturated fat - I think we're onto a winner here!

itsu offers a variety of flavoursome snacks for when you're on the go, tasty lunches and light dinners (the dream when you're mid essay crisis and don't have time to cook!). All the while it's way healthier than picking up something from a fast food chain!

And let's face it, shopping gets tiring, so an itsu stop-off in Westgate is ideal. Choose from their delicious detox smoothies, sushi boxes, low-carb salads, tokyo wraps or even something off the hot menu - noodles, soups, rice bowls & grab-and-go gyoza dumplings are all there to warm you up as the summer fades away.

The itsu menu is designed to keep your mind sharp, your body strong and your skin glowing - pretty ideal for students and they're offering a 15% student discount!!

I was lucky enough to be sent an itsu goodie box this month and it did not disappoint! I tried out a fab selection of snack sized pick-me-ups, such as their glazed pecan, cashew and date bar, prawn crackers and their roasted almond and seeds bar - all of which fitted perfectly in my handbag, perfect for when I'm dashing around Oxford or browsing the shops in Westgate. Oh and I now have my own chopsticks with 'Tilly Rose' engraved on them which is literally the best thing ever!

I definitely recommend checking them out - start your term eating 'beautifully'!

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