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Corpus Christi JCR

At Oxford, each college has a JCR - both a common room and committee devoted to the undergrad student body. On each committee there are a variety of positions to ensure all aspects if student life are represented, here are a few at Corpus Christi:

Equal opportunities President - Megan Wright

In the last two terms, the Equal Opps Committee reps have started hosting discussions during our JCR Teas. We're aiming to promote the JCR as a space which celebrates equality and diversity, while interrogating topical issues. In Trinity, I organised Corpus' annual Unity Week, in which Dr Marie Tidball gave a brilliant talk on making Oxford more accessible for disabled students. During the week we also hosted two panel discussions: one on homelessness in Oxford, and the other on History through a feminist lens. My mission for my last term as President of Equal Opps is to expand the committee's reach, firstly by integrating better with the MCR and SCR. From MT18 onwards we will be inviting Corpus' Equality and Diversity Fellow to attend bi-termly committee meetings. In addition, I will be pursuing the Tri-College Equality Network on Merton Street. We're hoping that the new Equality and Diversity Fund, which is common to all Corpus, Oriel and Merton, will encourage bigger and betterattended events than ever.

Access and Admissions Officer - Russell Reid

In my role as access and admissions officer I work towards educational equality and making the university a more diverse and representative institution. One of the main ways I work to do these are by promoting access and outreach events such as visits from state schools to the college. This year we have seen a huge increase of student volunteers who give up their time to talk to prospective students about what Oxford is really like. Some of the exciting projects I have been working on include Humans of oxford University (https:// Humans of Oxford university is a page dedicated to showcasing the lives of Oxford students. These students have faced significant challenges in their lives and hope to inspire prospective students to apply to university.

BME Rep - Ana Larasati

As BME (black, minority ethnic) representative of Corpus, I represent the efforts of our JCR to promote diversity and support the welfare of our students of colour and students from minority backgrounds. One main role of mine is to regularly set out weekly schedules of events celebrating diversity and solidarity in Oxford hosted by societies and other colleges. The Equal Opportunities Committee in Corpus also took part in several tri-college meetings to collaborate better with other Merton Street colleges. As a result from these meetings, the Corpus, Merton and Oriel JCR teams have arranged a fund to help students set up even more events together. In the same vein, I have arranged in advance a Freshers Race Workshop, BME informal dinner with Brasenose College, and tri-college BME drinks for next term!

Lowdown on more positions tomorrow!

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