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Tomorrow...the Decision

Yes, today you are probably freaking out! I certainly've no doubt put so much effort into this process, that tomorrow may seem like a huge deal and it is, I'm not taking that away but remember Oxford isn't the be all and end all.

Tilly Rose, saying it's not the 'be all and end all'. 'But you're obsessed with Oxford....' I hear you say and yes, I am. However, getting you guys to apply in the first place, is for me, an achievement in itself and you should 100% see it as one too; by applying to Oxford you have demonstrated motivation, self-belief, hard work and confidence and you should be SO proud. 

Right now it might feel like not getting in tomorrow will be the worst thing in the world; your heart might drop, the tears might flood out and you might be seriously annoyed that you put in so much effort, FOR NOTHING but let me stop you right there. It's not for nothing. The Oxford application process is super tough and YOU, yes YOU were shortlisted from thousands and invited to interview at the TOP UNIVERSITY IN THE WORLD - what an incredible achievement.

You will have learnt so much along the way; you've had to sit exams, submit written work, sell yourself in a personal statement and then sit in front of world experts in your subject and hold your ground. You are honestly already so far ahead of the game; you've developed so many new skills and qualities and most of all you've shown determination and self-motivation, wherever you end up, you're going to be flying! Tomorrow is not a comment on your intelligence - you are clearly super, super clever. I know lots of people who didn't get in and trust me, they have gone onto other great unis, had the best time and achieved great things.

And if tomorrow you do get in, well hey WELL DONE YOU. If you're anything like me, you'll be racing around the room, jumping up and down and wanting to tell everyone and anyone who will listen, so please tell me!

Whether tomorrow brings you the result you are hoping for or not, I would absolutely love to hear from you guys. The TOG student ambassadors put so much effort into trying to support you through the process and it is so lovely for us to receive your messages.

Wishing you all the best of luck!

Tilly x

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