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Revision Top Tips

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend and managed to fit in some chill and chocolate time!

I know many of you have exams looming, so following on from my last post, here are a few more top tips to stay motivated:

* Move your phone AWAY - I know it may be hard but checking Instagram or Whatsapp for the tenth time that hour is a going to be a huge distraction. Set yourself little goals - maybe an hour of solid revision, then a ten minute break where you can check in with your friends.

* Find the place which works for you - some people find working at home suits, others need the discipline of the library. Decide where you will be most productive. You might like to mix it up each day, to create a bit of variety. Loads of students at Oxford library hop through finals.

* Test yourself - once you feel you have a grasp of the subject, find ways to ensure you have remembered it. This can be through writing yourself questions and vocalising your answers out loud or by writing them down. Past papers are also a great way to asses this.

* Focus on what's left to learn - once you've got certain topics sussed, go through your notes or cue cards each morning to keep them fresh in your mind but then move onto looking at how you can build upon them and expand your knowledge.

* Take a break - the stress of exams and the amount of revision may feel never ending. No one can work 24/7, so ensure you take regular little breaks and have things to look forward to. That might be catching up with a friend, going on a walk or chilling in front of the TV. If you can see an end point to the revision each day, it will seem much more manageable.

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