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May Day!

Oxford goes crazy for May Day!

It’s one of the many traditions that makes living in the city truly unique. Where else would hundreds of people gather at the bridge at 6am to welcome in the summer?

Every year, students stay up all night and then head down to Magdalen Bridge at dawn, to hear the choir sing from Magdalen Tower. It’s always a magical atmosphere and everything about it just sings ‘Oxford’.

The Morris Dancers are out in force, lining the streets with their bells and providing a charming piece of morning entertainment, as the crowds leave the bridge.

Then it’s time to head back to college where some students will enjoy a tasty May Day breakfast. At Jesus we enjoyed strawberries and cream, against the backdrop of yet another lovely choral performance.

And at last it’s time to sleep (or head to a 9am lecture if you're really unlucky...!)

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