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Only a few days to go...!

Wow, I was so excited to see just how many of you guys are heading to the Oxford Uni Open Days on my recent poll on 'That Oxford Girl'. It's always brilliant to see just how many prospective applicants are following!

So whether you're heading to Oxford on Wednesday or Thursday, what are the last minute bits to think about?

1. Bring a notepad and pen - you may be thinking of applying to Oxford but let's face it, no one is clever enough to remember everything! Writing things down during the day is a great idea; you can then go away and reflect on them afterwards.

2. Think of some questions beforehand - what really matters to you about uni life? It could be you love sport or music or you'd like to be living in a small college community or you're interested in applying for a joint honours (two subjects). You'll no doubt have questions and now is your opportunity to ASK!

3. Make a college list - have a look online and see which colleges take your fancy. This should be the fun part of the application! There are so many though and you'll have limited time so make a list before you go! Think about whether you'd like a big or small one, old or new, central or outskirts - the teaching standard and degree you leave with is exactly the same so go with your gut feeling!

4. Try not to be intimidated - with its historical architecture, grand halls, stunning quads and ancient libraries, Oxford can feel a little overwhelming to say the least. Remember all of the other applicants are in the same boat and however confident they seem, you'll find most people are nervous about applying to a uni like Oxford!

5. Take it all in - the open days can be super busy but this is your chance to see if Oxford is for you. So try to take a breath and get a sense of whether you can imagine studying and living here!

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