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What to Wear - The Evening Edition

Nights Out

  • Oxford doesn't have the biggest clubbing scene but it's still good fun!

  • Students tend to dress relatively casually in the clubs, other than perhaps on sports' nights, where the sports teams often don their club blazers and ties.

  • Given that fancy dress is often on the agenda at colleges bops, it's not uncommon to see the Simpson family or a group of Power Rangers on the dance floor!

  • Wear: relatively casual clothes.

Bop til you drop!

  • Students often go full-out costume wise for College Bops (fancy dress parties).

  • Rather than buying new costumes each time, most students get creative and make their own.

  • Wear: homemade costumes/ a small palette of face paint shared between a group of friends is always handy!

Formal Hall

  • Colleges' rules on what students are expected to wear to formal hall varies. Some have a smart dress code e.g. suits and cocktail dresses whereas others are more relaxed.

  • Wear: Suit/Cocktail Dress/ Casual clothes - college dependent.

Guest Nights

  • These are usually black-tie affairs held in college where students can invite guests for an evening of fine dining.

  • Wear: Dinner Suit/Cocktail Dress/ smart trouser & top combo.

Top Tips

  • For fancy dress get creative, anything from cardboard, to bin bags and an old eye-liner can be the start of a brilliant bop costume!

  • Although it might seem like you need a lot of clothes, many events require the same dress code, so a staple cocktail dress and suit will be worn again and again.

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