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LMH Access Officer Part 2

For those of you who checked out my interview with the Access Officer at LMH, here is part 2:

LMH seems to be one of the most up-to-date colleges at communicating with young people. How do use Snapchat/Instagram etc.?

Ha, thanks for noticing! I think we maintain that we’re a college for the 21st century – and a big part of living today is social media. We don’t shy away from that – we’ve even had our Principal running our Snapchat account (filters and all!) We use all of our platforms to document and normalise day to day life in Oxford and LMH, but primarily we’d like to use it to reach those who can’t make it to us, for whatever reason that might be. So we’ve released a series of application tips on all of our platforms, for example, and have run a Virtual Open Day – that kind of thing. We’re also on The Student Room and happy to answer any questions thrown our way.

What would your advice be to those who believe they wouldn’t fit the Oxford Type?

Please please take it from me – there really isn’t one! Don’t be an obstacle to yourself - trust in your abilities and give it a shot. I simply wouldn’t have been here if I hadn’t tried.

Any top tips for readers hoping to apply?

I have 2.

The first is to pursue your subject of interest beyond the school curriculum. Keep an activity log and document books you’ve read outside of school, TED talks you might’ve listened to, podcasts you might’ve tuned into etc. But don’t just list them in that log – evaluate them. You read a book, great. How did it set you thinking? How can you critically engage with it? When it comes to applying, use that log as a basis for your personal statement.

The second is to use the support available to you – there are loads of courses you can pay for to get support on applying to Oxford applications. Don’t waste your money! Oxford has an outreach team who offer the very same services but for free – so get in touch (my email is

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