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A Level Results Day 2018

I remember the nerves...the whole week leading up to results day my tummy was doing somersaults, had I done enough to secure my place?

The worst bit...there was absolutely nothing I could do. I'd tried my best, I'd worked really hard, done loads of revision, so now all I could do was wait.

And the waiting was horrible. I was so close to starting at my dream university but it all came down to whether I had met the grades.

I imagine this is how lots of you are feeling this week and I want you to know I've got everything crossed that you get the results you're hoping for on Thursday!

At this point in time it will no doubt feel like the be all and end all but I found that all of my friends loved where they ended up - whether it was their first choice, second choice or a place obtained through clearing!

Every university offers you the chance to delve into your subject, meet loads of new people, make lifelong friends, join an abundance of clubs and societies, attend parties and nights out, turn your hand at new activities, experience living away from home and leaving with an experience that will stay with you for life!

Whatever happens on Thursday - I'd love to know how you get on, so please do get in touch!

Good luck guys!

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