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Since setting up 'That Oxford Girl' I have been inundated with questions around postgrad study at Oxford Uni, with many of you asking:

'Are there any initiatives for postgrads?' 'Do Oxford Uni host summer schools for postgrads?'

Well, I'm delighted to inform you that the answer is YES!

This year Oxford Uni are piloting UNIQ+, a fully-funded six-week summer school, giving you the opportunity to develop your academic skills, experience life as a research student and immerse yourself in the Oxford environment.

This new programme follows on from UNIQ summer schools, the hugely successful undergrad initiative.

Many of the 'That Oxford Girl' student ambassador team experienced UNIQ before applying to Oxford Uni:

'I can honestly say that UNIQ was the defining point in my Oxford journey. UNIQ solidified that Oxford was a definitely place for 'people like me' i.e. northern state school pupil with no knowledge of anyone attending Oxbridge at home.’ Rosie Crawford (TOG student ambassador)

'We all had the chance to talk to real students and seeing that they were so friendly and similar to me in many ways made me feel like I could belong at Oxford. Without the summer school and all the help it gave me with the application process, I would’ve felt a lot more apprehensive about coming to Oxford and may not have even applied.’ Sapphira McBride (TOG student ambassador)

"UNIQ really helped me decide that I wanted to apply to Oxford. I hadn't been sure at first - I was worried that I wouldn't fit in, or that everyone else would just be way cleverer than me!’ Ellen Brewster (TOG student ambassador)

UNIQ+ offers a similar programme for postgrad in the sciences. The course is designed to help break down barriers to postgraduate study for students with socio-economic, financial or other life challenges which could prevent them from pursuing postgrad study.

Let me give you the lowdown:

How will I benefit from UNIQ+?

This is your six-week taste of life as an Oxford student! From 1st July to 9th August 2019, UNIQ+ will:

  • Develop your research skills.

  • Prepare you to make a competitive application to postgraduate courses.

  • Introduce you to leading researchers and staff at Oxford Uni.

  • Offer you information about opportunities for postgrad study and research careers.

You’ll experience all of this whilst living in the ‘Dreaming Spires’ with access to world class libraries, renowned museums and historic colleges, working alongside a community of talented individuals, pushing academic boundaries.

What financial support is offered by UNIQ+?

  • Free college accommodation.

  • A generous stipend of £2,500.

  • A refund up to £200 for your travel expenses to and from Oxford at the start and end of UNIQ+.

  • An application fee waiver for applying to a postgraduate course at Oxford.

Who is UNIQ+ for?

You can apply for UNIQ+ if you’re a UK resident studying science at undergrad, in the second year of your course or later.

Since UNIQ+ is an access programme, it prioritises students that are under-represented at postgraduate level so you’d also need to meet one of the eligibility criteria for this:

In this first year UNIQ+ is limited to UK residents and to science subjects, but you can sign up for news about future expansions:

How do I apply?

The deadline for the 2019 UNIQ+ summer school is 12 noon on Monday 29 April 2019. To apply, you’ll need the application form, two referees and a transcript – full info on the website:

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